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Ksenija is an emerging watercolor artist. She expresses her ideas through the prism of realistic subjects, letting the color and light guide the viewer into the realm of emotions, memories and dreams. Traveling extensively, often by herself, has taught her to connect to cities in a very personal way, making architecture one of her favorite subjects. She frequently uses frontal composition, as if painting a portrait of a building or a group of buildings. She paints the cities not as they are today — or as they ever existed — but as they live in her recollections intertwined with fantasies and daydreams. This is achieved by combining representation and abstraction. Realistic elements allow the viewers to recognize the place and connect to it. But details are often missing or vague, as if pained from a hazy memory. The use of watercolor medium in both transparent and opaque ways further accentuates tonal contrast and reveals the beauty of transparent watercolor washes. Colors are used to express emotions — from neutral ochres and grays to calm blues to vocal reds.

Ksenija was born in Moscow, Russia in 1985. She pursued study abroad in her early twenties and has been constantly moving since then, which had a vital imprint on her personality and her art. Ksenija started studying art more than 10 years ago, focusing mainly on various graphics techniques. She later specialized in watercolor and printmaking at The Art League school in Alexandria, USA, where she first started exhibiting her work in group shows. She also studied under several acknowledged watercolor artists.

Ksenija is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work is in private collections in the U.S., Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia, and has been admitted to juried shows.

Artwork can be purchased from Ksenija's Saatchi page:



  • American Watercolor Society 154th Annual International Exhibition, New York City NY, USA

  • The 2nd Women in Watercolor International Juried Competition (finalist award)

  • 44th International Watermedia Exhibition, WAS-H, Houston TX, USA 

  • World of High Watercolor, II International Festival, Moscow, Russia

  • 6e Biennale d'Aquarelle du Bassin d'Arcachon, France 

  • Biennale Internationale de Aquarelle, Rochemaure, France

  • FabrianoinAquarello, Fabriano, Italy 

       On-line painting demonstration for FabrianoinAquarello


  • American Watercolor Society 153rd Annual International Exhibition, New York City NY, USA

  • 43rd International Watermedia Exhibition, WAS-H, Houston TX, USA

  • Œuvres du confinement, Atelier Ches’Arts, Yverdon, Switzerland

  • Concorso Internazionale di Acquerello, Galleria Esde, Cagliari, Italy

  • Monza in Acquarello, Monza, Italy (3rd place award)

  • Memories of Spring, Moscow, Russia

  • FabrianoinAquarello, Fabriano, Italy


  • Exposition d’Aquarell’Nyon, Nyon, Switzerland

  • MAG Contemporary Art Fair, Montreux, Switzerland

  • International Watercolor Contest “Premio Tlaloc”, Mexico

  • IWS India OlympiArt (mention of honor)

  • Watercolor Art Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

  • International Youth Festival of Watercolor, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (nominated for awards)

  • FabrianoinAquarello, Fabriano, Italy 


  • A Symphony in Watercolour, Canada (online component of the exhibition)

  • 1st International Watercolor Festival in the Czech Republic, Prague Czech Republic (100 best paintings)

  • May 2017 Open Exhibit, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria VA, USA

  • MinMax Show, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria VA, USA

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