Cape Cod and Maine (Summer 2017)

I like to travel, and I like to do lots of quick sketches on the way to keep memories of the places that fascinate and inspire me. To me such sketches bring back many more memories and emotions than photographs, which are too easy to take these days with a phone camera. These sketches also serve as useful reference material for work on larger and more detailed pieces in the studio. 

Often I don't have more than 15-30 minutes to take a sketch, so I have to focus only on what is essential to capture the scene. The sketches come out rough and unpolished because of lack of time, but I like them this way. For this reason, I never change or finish things later, keeping them in the exact same way they were done on the spot, even if not perfect.

On this page you can find sketches from my most recent trips in the US and in Europe. Hope you'll enjoy and maybe they bring back memories from your own trips to these places!

Pacific Coast of California (Winter 2017-2018)
Sicily and Favignana (Summer 2016)
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